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First Time

I recommend you try Rapid Resizer Online.

If you really want to try the original Rapid Resizer and Pattern Wizard, you can get free trial versions for Windows.

For New Users

1. Click the Programs You Want

Get the Rapid Resizer

Version 3.5. Also available in a ZIP file.

Get the Pattern Wizard

Version 2.5. Also available in a ZIP file.

For Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10, 32 or 64-bit. Uninstaller included. Digitally signed.

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If You're Re-Installing

What Customers are Saying About the Newer Versions

"Just wanted to pass on how happy I was to find your new on line version ... thank you for the work you put into this software now and over the years." Tom (Washington, US)

"... you were so right about your improvements! I didn't think I could possibly like the program any more, but I do!" Lori B.

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It has a lot of great new features and also works on tablets, smartphones, and Macs.

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Email me after buying it and I'll refund 50% off the price.

If you need your keys, you can get them here.

Did you buy the Rapid Resizer after July 2011 or the Pattern Wizard after November 2010?

Then you can use the latest versions, same as new users. If you want to use the Rapid Resizer on your tablet or Mac, try the new Rapid Resizer Online.

If you bought more than five years ago and need help, please try the new Rapid Resizer Online. It's hard for me to continue providing one-on-one support for sales from that long ago.

Or do you want to stick with your old version?

Old Versions

Rapid Resizer

Pattern Wizard

Solutions to Installation Problems

If either program complains that the "setup files are corrupted", you can try re-downloading the program from above. The problem is probably that you didn't receive the whole file. Downloading using a different web-browser or disabling a download accelerator, if any, might help. If it still doesn't work, you can ask me to e-mail it to you or mail you a CD.

If the Rapid Resizer complains that it "Failed to create empty document", you probably need to get an update for a file that's part of Microsoft Windows. Click here to get it and install it.

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